Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • I am a supervisor, why doesn't my name appear in the supervisor's list on any of the report query pages?


    The training reports depend on personnel data from the SLAC Institutional Database (SID) to identify supervisors. All Supervisors having at least one direct report should show up in the supervisor list on the training reports. If you fall into this category but still can't find your name on this list, you may need to email to verify that all your direct reports are properly identified as reporting to you.

  • I am getting overdue notices for an employee who no longer reports to me, or has left SLAC, how do I deactivate them?


    The SLAC Training database receives personnel data from the SLAC Institutional Database (SID). Changes to SID are made by notifying The change, once entered, will be automatically reflected in the SLAC training reports.