Training Definitions

  1. Training requirement level definitions: When assigning training in the STA, one of the following requirement levels will need to be applied to the training assignment. Please use these definitions to assist you in determining the appropriate requirement level.
    1. Mandatory - The employee is mandated to take a course by law, regulation, or SLAC policy in order to be authorized to do their job.

    2. Supervisor Required - The employee's job description does not require the class per laws, regulations or SLAC policy. However, the supervisor feels it is in the best interest of the employee to complete the training, and requires it. For example, an employee works in a noisy area, but their actual exposure is below the regulatory threshold which triggers the training requirement. The supervisor can require Hearing Conservation Course 222 at the “Supervisor Required” level. Supervisor Required courses carry the same obligation to complete as Mandatory courses.

    3. Voluntary - The course is not mandated by regulations or required by the supervisor. However the employee wishes to take the course, and has their supervisor's approval.

  2. Restricted Thru [Date] - The Restricted Thru date is a 90 day grace period for newly assigned training in the STA. The date listed is the day the training will become overdue if not completed. Work associated with the training may be considered "Restricted" if training is required before work authorization is given.
  3. Annual Review - Every employee's STA must be reviewed annually for accuracy by the employee's supervisor or their designate. The STA due date is January 22nd, corresponding to the end of the Performance Review period. The STA must be reviewed, required changes made (if necessary) and submitted by clicking the Annual review radio button and clicking Send. This resets the due date for one more year.
  4. Interim Change - If a change is made to the STA outside of the annual review period, the Interim Change radio button must be checked when submitting the changes instead of the Annual review button.
  5. Training Activity Restrictions - If training is required for work authorization due to regulation or SLAC policy, work may be restricted until the training is completed. See the Activity Restrictions section of the course catalog page for the course in question to determine what, if any, restrictions apply.
  6. The 'No Training Required' flag - The no training required check box can be set in the STA for individuals who will not be requiring SLAC training because they do not come on site or are on extended leave. Checking the box hides their assigned training from the database. Unchecking the box exposes the training again. The employee's supervisor or SLAC contact can uncheck that flag if they need to assign training.
    • Cyber training is dependent on association with a SLAC computer account, not their physical presence at the lab so it is not affected by the no training required flag.