Training Reports

STA Reports

The following reports can be used to determine training status for groups or individuals at SLAC. All training reports require Windows authentication to run.

  • If you are off the SLAC network, enter your Windows account Username and Password when prompted.


  • Course Registration: View employee/non-employee registration and/or waitlist status for classroom based courses.
  • Training Due Dates: View employee/non-employee due dates and overdue status for assigned courses.
  • Assigned Training: View a complete list of all training assigned in employee/non-employee STAs.
  • Training History: View a complete list of all training completed by SLAC personnel.
  • STA Due Date: Allows supervisors to view the annual review date of employee/non-employee STAs.
  • Training Metrics: A daily summary of training metrics, including medical surveillance activities.
  • STA Metrics: A report showing percentage of STAs current per directorate and division.
  • No-Show Metrics: A report showing percentage of no-shows for classroom training sessions.
  • Supervisor's Report: A report designed to help supervisors identify the training, medical exam and STA compliance status of their employees. This report presents compliance data for entire departments, divisions and directorates as well.
  • STA Course Assignment Count: A list of all personnel who have the selected course assigned to them in the STA.

Reporting STA Data Errors

If you believe that an employee has not received credit for a course they have completed, please use this form to provide us with the information we need to assign credit. Please include the following information with your submittal:

For Classroom Training:

  • Did the learner sign a roster, answer "here" during a roll call or otherwise inform the instructor of their attendance?
  • Did they stay for the entire duration of the course?
  • Did they arrive late?
  • If there was an exam, did they complete it successfully?
  • Did they take the course off of the SLAC campus and was it an ES&H scheduled course?

For Web-Based Training:

  • Did the learner print a certificate of completion upon completion of the course?
  • Did the learner experience any error messages or technical problems while attempting the training.