Frequently Asked Questions

ESH classroom courses are required to be assigned in the STA before you can register to take them. Non-ESH courses will be routed to your supervisor for permission to take them when you register.

Web based courses are not required to be assigned in the STA in order to take them via the Web Training Portal.

Yes, there are a number of systems available for anyone who needs to complete training in the Security Office at the Vistor, User, Employee Center (VUE), Building 53. Click here for a map.

Yes, most of our courses will automatically bookmark your progress. The next time you launch the course, you will be given the option of resuming the course where you left off.

Be sure to close the course and log off if you are planning to take a break from the training. Failure to do so will result in loss of progress.

No, it is not necessary to register for a web based training course. You just need to log into the Web Training Portal and all courses in the catalog there are available to take.

No, web training is not required to be assigned in the STA in order to take it via the Web Training Portal.

To cancel a session that you previously enrolled in, simply open the Training Registration Tool, click My Info, then click Cancel next to the course you'd like to cancel.

You can see your training due dates in your STA or view the Training Due Dates report to generate a complete list of upcoming training you are required to take.

Question details: Web Training Portal


Most SLAC web-based courses will give you the option of printing a certificate directly from within a course upon completion. In the event that a course does not give you the option to print a certificate, or if you would like to print a certificate for a course that had been previously completed, follow these steps:

1. Login to the Web Training Portal.

2. Click on the Your Transcript link under Start Here.

3. Filter your Training Status in the pull down menu by Completed.

4. To the right of the course you want, click the pull down menu and select View Certificate.

5. This will bring up a window giving you the option of printing or saving your certificate.

To register for a live SLAC Training class session, please use the SLAC Training Registration System.