Supervisor Guide

As a supervisor, you are responsible for assessing the training needs of your employees, assigning training, and ensuring that your employees remain current with their training. This quick-start guide designed to provide you with answers to the following questions:

SLAC Training Assignment - The STA

SLAC training is assigned and tracked using a tool called the SLAC Training Assignment, or STA. The STA allows both employees and management to quickly understand training requirements, ensure that training is completed in a timely manner, and ensure that training remains current.

  • STAs are required for all SLAC employees. They are optional for non-employees.
  • As a supervisor, you are required to review each employee's STA annually, at a minimum.

Automatically-Assigned Training


SLAC Training automatically manages the assignment of certain mandatory courses. The following courses will be assigned to your employee's STA without any action required on your behalf:


  • COVID-19 Training for Onsite SLAC Employees - Course 100: Employees will automatically be assigned COVID-19 Training for as long as COVID-19 protocols remain in place.
  • Safety Orientation - Course 219: Employees will automatically be assigned Environmental Safety and Health Orientation when they arrive at SLAC.
  • Safety Orientation Refresher - Course 219R: Employees will automatically be assigned Environmental Safety and Health Orientation Refresher once they complete coures 219 for the first time.
  • Cyber Security - Courses CS100 / CS200: Anyone who applies for a SLAC computing account will be automatically assigned a Cyber training course in their STA.
    • Lab users and other non-SLAC employees will be assigned course CS100 - Cyber Security for Laboratory Users Training.
    • SLAC employees and term employees will automatically be assigned CS200 - Cyber Security Training for Employees.
  • Office Ergonomics - Course 291: All New SLAC Employees are automatically assigned Office Ergonomics training


Minimum Training Requirements

For a list of minimum training requirements, please see our Minimum Training web page.


Using the STA: Hands-On Guides


We have developed a series of guides to walk you through the following tasks in the STA. These guides will open in a new window:

Training Requirement Levels

When assigning courses in the STA, you must select one of three training requirement levels for each assigned course. The following definitions will help you determine which requirement level to select:

  • Mandatory: The employee is mandated to take a course by law, regulation, or SLAC policy in order to be authorized to perform their job.
  • Supervisor Required: The employee's job description does not require the course per laws, regulations or SLAC policy. However, the supervisor feels that it is in the best interest of the employee to complete the training, and requires it. For example, if an employee works in a noisy area, but their actual exposure is below the regulatory threshold which triggers the training requirement, the supervisor may still wish to assign Hearing Conservation Training. Supervisor Required courses carry the same obligation to complete as Mandatory courses.
  • Voluntary: The course is not mandated by regulations or required by the supervisor. However the employee wishes to take the course, and has their supervisor's approval.

Annual STA Reviews

It's important to periodically review the training requirements of your employees so they receive the proper training for the tasks they'll be performing. SLAC requires that you certify that you have reviewed each employee's STA at least annually. The STA Review Due Date is displayed in the header of the STA of any given employee. To satisfy the requirements for performing an annual review, follow the steps in Performing an Annual Review.


Understanding Training Requirements


The following resources will help guide you in determining what courses to assign to your employees:

The SLAC Course Catalog

The course catalog is organized to help you quickly learn about SLAC's course offerings, and help you determine what courses should be assigned to your employees. The following sections will are particularly valuable in determining training requirements:

  • Who Should Attend: This section outlines who is required to complete a particular course based on laws, regulations, or SLAC policy.
  • Prerequisites: Employees may need to complete prerequisite training prior to enrolling in advanced courses.

Click here to launch the course catalog into a new window.


Environment, Safety & Health(ESH) Training Assessment Guide

If your employees will be operating certain equipment (e.g. forklifts and cranes) or will be performing work that involves hazardous materials or activities, or accessing areas on the site where hazards exist, additional training is required. SLAC maintains an ESH training matrix to help you identify additional training requirements.

Your ES&H Coordinator can assist you in determining training requirements.

Activity Restrictions

Numerous laws, regulations, and SLAC policies mandate that training is completed prior to employees performing certain tasks. For courses with a refresher requirement, training must remain current, or associated tasks may no longer be performed. As a supervisor, you are responsible for ensuring that your employees comply with these principles.

Identifying Activity Restrictions

Certain ESH courses outline "activity restrictions" on the course catalog page. These activities may not be performed unless the required training has been completed, and remains current.

90-Day Restricted Period

Whenever an employee is assigned a new course, they are given a 90 day grace period to complete the training before it is marked overdue in their STA. During this period, the course status column will display a "Restricted Thru" date. Until the training is completed, the employee must adhere to any activity restrictions outlined on the course catalog page. The employee and their supervisor will periodically receive reminder emails alerting them that training is coming due.

On The Job Training

SLAC has a formalized process for capturing the training records of supervisors who require employees to complete formal On The Job(OTJ) training. Please refer to the following guide for more information:


Keeping Tabs on Training Status


Ensuring that your employees are up-to-date with their training needn't be difficult or time-consuming. The following tools will allow you to review the training status of a group or individual at a quick glance.

Reviewing An Individual's STA

At any time, you can access the STA of any employee to review a list of all assigned training, upcoming due dates, overdue training, and course registrations.

Training Reports

You have access to a number of reports that allow you to quickly determine the training status of groups or individuals.

Click here for a complete list of reports.

Automatic Email Notifications

When training is assigned in the STA, a number of email notifications are triggered to alert employees about changes to their training requirements, and to help ensure that they complete training in a timely manner. These emails are also copied to the supervisor to help them remain informed about their employee's training status. These notifications include:

  • Training Coming Due: Notices of training coming due sent at 60, 30 and 14 days prior to the end of the 90 day Restricted Period for newly assigned courses and medical surveillance, or before refresher training comes due.
  • Overdue Training: These notices go out the day training becomes overdue, and again 14 days and 30 days later if training has not been completed.
  • Class Registration Reminder Notices: These notices go out 7 days prior to and again at 24 hours prior to training sessions scheduled in the SLAC registration system.
  • Change to STA: This notice will go out to employees the day after a changes are made to their STA, notifying them that they should review their STA.
  • New Employee STA Completion Reminder: This notice goes out to the supervisor the day after a new employee is entered into the SLAC HR database. It is sent again at 15 and 30 days afterwards if the STA has not been completed.
  • Overdue STA Review: Supervisors who have not performed an annual review of their employee's STAs will receive these notices on the one year anniversary, then 7 and 15 days after the anniversary of the last annual STA review.