How to Access the Web Training Portal

I have a SLAC Windows account Employee Login

There are three ways to access the web training with your SLAC Windows account.


  1. Via the Web Training Portal access page
  2. Via your assigned course in your STA
  3. Via the  link in the SLAC Training Course Catalog.

Using any of the above methods will launch the Web Training Portal with your SLAC Windows Account ID and password.

  • NOTE: Be sure you are logged into your own Windows account at the time of launch!
  • DO NOT use VPN or Citrix when accessing the Web Training Portal. It will degrade performance.
  • Full system requirements can be found here.


I don't have a SLAC Windows account Non-employee login

Once you have received your SLAC System ID #, if you do not have a SLAC Windows account or prefer to manually log into the Web Training Portal, please follow the instructions below.

  • You can find your SLAC System ID number on your SLAC Directory page by going here
  • NOTE:
    • SLAC web training is compatible with Windows computers using the Edge, Chrome or Firefox browsers and Mac computers using Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
    • Internet Explorer is not supported as of Sept. 7th, 2021.
    • Linux computers have limited support.
    • Please turn your pop up blocker off or allow pop ups for
  1. Get your password by filling out the Training Portal Password Request form
  2. Click here to log into the Web Training Portal
  3. Click the red Manual Log in button to access the login page where you will enter your SLAC system ID number and the password which was emailed to you after step 1.
    • If you were given a system ID with the leading zeros, drop them when you enter your number. So 000001234567 becomes 1234567.
  4. After log-in, select the Web Training Catalog icon to the right of the SLAC Training Logo in the upper left of the window.
    • Safety Training - Click on the ESH Training category for your safety training.
    • Cyber Training - Click on the Cyber Security Courses category for your Cyber Security training.
    • You can also use the Search Content function at the top right of the screen to find your course. Just enter the course number and submit.
  5. Find your assigned training in the list of available courses. You may need additional courses depending on your work requirements:
  6. Click the Launch button to launch the course.
    • NOTE: You are not required to take all the courses listed. Only take those courses assigned to you by your supervisor/SLAC contact.

Once you have completed your courses, print your certificates of completion! Take the certificates with you to get your badge.

  • If you close the course before you print your certificate or the course you take does not offer a certificate at the end, you can print a copy of your certificate of completion by following these instructions:
  1. Login to the Web Training Portal.
  2. Click on My Progress under Quick Links on the left of the page.
  3. Find the course you need a certificate for in the list of your courses. Verify it has a Completed On date displayed.
  4. Click on the arrow icon in the Actions column to the right of that course.
  5. Select View Certificate to view and print your certificate of completion.
Your training completion should automatically post to your SLAC training record within 2 hours. If it does not, email a copy of your certificate to to receive course credit.