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PLEASE NOTE:  Course 219R, ESH Orientation Training Refresher, will be deactivated as the refresher for course 219 in the near future. In addition, the refresher period for course 219 will be reduced to annually from every two years. 

Completion of Course 219 is required to maintain your badge and site access.

We will be posting the date when these changes will occur soon.

You can access the SLAC Web Training Portal from within as well as outside the SLAC computer network.

If you are outside the SLAC network, turn off SLAC VPN or Citrix if you have them active. They are not necessary and actually will inhibit access.

Note: Internet Explorer is no longer supported as of Sept 7, 2021. Please use one of the following browsers on your Windows PC or Mac: Chrome, Firefox, Safari (on Mac only), Edge (Windows only)

You are also able to take training on your mobile device.

Detailed instructions on how to access the Web Training Portal.

Please login to our web-based training portal using one of the options below.


Login Using this option if: You have an active SLAC Windows account

Instructions: Clicking this option will  automatically log you into the web training portal.

  • If you are prompted for a username/password by your web browser, enter your SLAC Windows login credentials.